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Payment options and Terms and Conditions 

Payment Options 

Payments can be made via Direct Deposit, EFTPOS and all major Credit Cards VISA Mastercard AMEX or Cash on the day. 

There is a merchant fee of 2.2% for manual card payments and 1.9% for on site card payments

Terms and Conditions

● All materials remain property to Fort Security Pty Ltd until paid in full. If not paid as per terms subject to an annual interest charge of 9% and/or all materials supplied to be removed.

● By proceeding with the installation and for the payment of an invoice and/or quote and/or deposit you are accepting all the Terms and Terms and Conditions.

● On cancellation a deposit can not be refunded.

● The total price is for the whole package as quoted and can not be changed.  

● The warranty is on parts only not on labour. There is a 12 month warranty on parts only unless specified on invoice.

● Tempering/modifying with any products installed or connecting with  any products not installed by a Fort Security Systems Technician will void all warranties.

● There is NO warranty for any damages or faults that occur to the security products installed from any natural disasters or environmental weather factors.

● It must also be noted that Fort Security Systems Pty Ltd hold no responsibility and are not  liable for what occurrences happen  on the above mentioned premises whether or not it being related to a security issue to the premises or your security hardware.   

● Fort Security holds no liability to any damages to the premises when installations are taken place unless it is due to technicians error.

● If any EWP Lifting machinery is needed to be used to aid in the installation, there will be an extra charge at your expense.

● Verbal and physical abuse will not be tolerated and we will walk off the install. The client will be charged with all works completed to that point, subject to the removal of any products installed including cable runs and cable.

Monitoring Terms and Conditions

● There is a minimum 12 month period contract from the date commissioned with Fort Security Systems Pty Ltd that we must provide Back to Base or App Only with the premises advised. If you require a cancellation before the 12 months is up, you are required to pay a cancellation fee of $50+GST.  

● There is no refunds/credits given for any Back To Base provided once you have paid for the payment term as per your instructions, you must cancel before your next invoice is issued, cancellations must be in writing no verbal cancellations will be accepted. Each month is on at a 31 day calculation.

● If an invoice is not paid with in the terms given, the service will be cancelled after a 24 hour notice has been served to the email and/or via phone text message.   

● Patrols to attend a Metro alarm response,  are $100.00. Patrols to attend a Country alarm response, are $130.00 . Patrols to attend a Regional alarm response are to be advised but are estimated at $170.00. Please insure all follow up contacts answer their calls for confirmation of the alarm going off. It is protocol that a patrol is to be sent out if no contact has been made with the owner or listed contacts of the premises unless notified otherwise on application.

● Metro alarm response times:  Mon-Sun 06:00-18:00 Alarm response time is 90 mins.  Mon-Sun 18:00-06:00 Alarm response time is 45mins. Country alarm response times can be up to but not limited to the maximum number of days of 3days, there is no standard for country patrols.

● Both of the response times are under the ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association Limited) Standards. If a patrol is delayed and the response time is expected to exceed the above time, we are advised by the responding patrol company of the delay - we will attempt again to make contact with the client to advise of the delay and expected ETA. If contact cannot be made with the client to advise of an expected delay, we will get the patrol company to continue.  

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